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Mineral Resources

IMU source base is located in Liaoning, Hebei, Mongolia at the junction of three provinces, mining area of 2.9859 square kilometers, recoverable reserves of 7,700.00 tons, is recognized as the global and domestic geological grade best montmorillonite ore source, montmorillonite content in 92% - 98%. The mine is currently only found with high grade and quality and without cristobalite and other toxic and harmful elements which have been found in China.

High quality and high-grade montmorillonite ore source, advanced purification and processing technology are the reason of determining the comprehensive index of montmorillonite finished products. IMU relies on the resource advantage of positive richly endowed by nature, in cooperation with the national first-class universities and research institutes, the introduction of Germany advanced equipment and technology, purification, modification, removal of harmful substances, the quality has reached or exceeded the national standard.

And obviously superior to the quality of similar products is more trusted and favored by the majority of partners and direct users, has become a rising star of agriculture and animal husbandry!